Monday, 21 February 2011

Live Stuff

I'll be playing The Stand comedy club in Glasgow on Tuesday 1st March as part of their Red Raw Night. £2 entry and lots of great new acts. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Volume 2 Episode 2

Hello and welcome to another new Big Red's Fun Bus podcast. Doing another wee experiment this time by mixing solo rants with some sketches.

In this edition I look at Hallowe'en and why parents being frightened to send their kids out is damaging to society, I trawl the supermarket to find a good porn name, and look at the fear that having a Tory government may lead to the murderisation of the Scottish working class.

Also in this edition, the Mercenary Charity Worker gets desperate, Eddie Armin presents his ghost busting service, and Leo DC tells of the time he worked with Jack Nicholson.

Plus Malcolm briefly looks at the perils of online shopping and there's another Scottish word for you to learn.

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Electric Boogaloo Opening Video

Here's the opening video from the second live show. I'll be posting the sketches made for the show over the next few days including some unshown ones and a blooper reel. Dn't know if there's a video of the actual stand up performance yet as the venue was meant to film it but I'm not sure if they did. Anyway here's the first video: