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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

How To Tell Scrooge McDuck's A Glaswegian

Bill Corbett, of the hilarious Rifftrax team, posted a while back on his Twitter page a rather interesting link. Supposedly Scrooge McDuck, of Duck Tales fame, is from Glasgow. So here's a guide to how you can tell that Scrooge McDuck is a Glaswegian:

There was a banned episode of Duck Tales where McDuck stabbed a guy for "looking at him a bit funny"

He does a flawless Rab C. Nesbitt impersonation when he's drunk

His liver's flammable

He regularly hangs out with that other lovable animated racial stereotype Groundskeeper Willy.

He clearly doesn't have any teeth

If the opening credits to Duck Tales are to be believed he swims in his money (00:23):

Anything to avoid a bath, eh?

He's got a lot of kids hanging about his house that aren't his. Probably fiddling the benefits again.

He doesn't wear any underwear.

Like all successful Scots he buggered off abroad (unless Duckburg is just outside Clachnacuddin)

He's a racist. Okay he doesn't say it out loud but all of his friends are white.

See it's obvious when someone points it out to you!