Saturday, 31 October 2009

Episode 6 - A Symphony Of Titters

It’s the quickly cobbled together Hallowe’en cash in, er, special of Big Red’s Fun Bus!

In this edition Sylvester gives his tips on how to pull at a Hallowe’en party and we meet Vlad Mackay, the Paisley based vampire.

Plus lots more spooky goings on.

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Death By Twitter

According to severely restricted social network spout pipe Twitter every single celebrity in the world has died. All projects they were working on will now be released as special tribute editions, no matter what stage of completion they stood at. After this the only new media of any sort shall be those things they did early that were shelved for being dire but now that those starring are famous there is a selling point.

A memorial service for all the deceased fame whores will be held next week but will not be televised due to the lack of celebrity attendance on account of them all being dead.

The day after the service a popular national tabloid will no doubt print sordid details of eachof the celebs final hours leading up until their collective death, every account involving how they piled drink/drugs/bacon into their system whilst having freaky sex in a cupboard with a hooker/bit on the side.

It is unclear how ordinary people will cope with this brave new non-starlet filled world and Samaritans have announced extra operators to cope with an increase of calls.


All the celebrities quoted on social lie spout Twitter as being dead are, in fact, alive.

The memorial service will still be held as practice in case this hoax ever becomes a tragic reality.